Train and GO ride!

Mon, Aug 25, 6:30pm - Tue, Aug 26, 10:00pm

Liquor LylesWe had such a good time last week, we better do it again!  

This is REAL training now.  We'll meet, ride a little, then stop for a hydration.  Then repeat repeat repeat.  

I *suggest* we ride out to see how the bus looks.  

Liquor Lyles!

6:15pm - meet and greet (early Happy Hour is 10am to 6pm if you are an overachiever)

6:30pm - ride! - direction and distance by group concensus

?:??pm - hydration stop - group concensus

9:00pm - late Happy hour start at Liquor Lyle's - who can refuse?

??:??pm - get home to bed - yours or not, I'm not your parole officer

Contact me if you are in!


Liquor Lyles
2021 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55405

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