RAGBRAI 2013Welcome to the Team Road Kill RAGBRAI Guide for 2013.  If you can't find an answer in the pages below, send us an Contact Email and we will add that information. 

Your RAGBRAI Profile

Most important thing, so do it now!  We need your contact info for our planning, so fill this one right now:

My RAGBRAI Profile

Without the Profile, you are out.  

RAGBRAI Planning Committees

Here's a list of committees, and who is doing what.  Get in touch.  Dude.

Pricing and Payments

We working on FINALprices for this year's trip.  We will have some small adjustments for this year's fees.  

Read all about it here:

Email List

Use this to receive email about the RAGBRAI, or to send emails to everyone who is signed up to the list.  This list is only open to members, and not available to the non-registered public. 


Chris Kane is working on our accommodations.  If you know someone we can contact, please contact chriskane.


We are prepping the bus for this year's trip.  Here are projects you can get involved in:

  • Bus Cleaning - Contact ??? <-- THIS COULD BE YOU!
  • Summit Relations - Contact mike veehoff ? or smith ?
  • Accommodations Map - Contact Joe Bauter

Cargo Bins and Packing

Same as last year.  You need to acquire a 33 gallon bin for your belongings.  Details are here:

RAGBRAI Registration

Find out all about registration here:

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