RAGBRAI 2011 - Road Kill Pricing and Payments

Isn't it great that Team Road Kill is able to hold prices down in these tough economic times!  Here are the fees for this year's trip, and we are happy to report that we are holding prices at the same levels as the last two years.  


  • Round Trip Bus from Minneapolis and Full Week Camp/Cartage - $280
  • Round Trip Bus from Albert Lea, Ames, Etc and Full Week Camp/Cartage - $250

A La Carte Menu

  • One Way Bus Ride and Full Week Cartage - $200
  • One Way Bus Ride - $125
  • One Way Bike and Bags - $50
  • Full Week Camp/Cartage Only - $140
  • Daily Camp/Cartage - $25
  • Additional Cargo Bin or Bicycle - $50


These prices were published 21 days prior to RAGBRAI, so no discounts this year, and no early payment options.  

Trip payment must be received to hold your place and before your board the bus. Send your payment TODAY to Rick. DO NOT plan to settle up on Friday night or Saturday morning. He is busy doing other shit, and he will be pissed and kick your ass ALL WEEK.

Rick Stout
1244 Lincoln #B
Saint Paul, MN 55105
Home Phone: (651) 690-2566
Work Phone: (952) 858-5546

Make checks out to Team Road Kill!

2011 Cancellations and Refunds

  • No refunds, no cancellations, sorry.
  • Stimulants Rebates will be calculated AFTER the commencement of RAGBRAI
  • Any unpaid balance disqualifies you from the Stimulants Rebates. 

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