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TRK 30th Anniversary Biking Caps

Order TODAY to ensure you'll be sporting the latest TRK wear heading into the 2014 biking season!

Supplies are LIMITED, so you must contact Joe Sweetly at 612 584 8730 (text or voice) or [email protected]

For $20 you can own one of these essential articles of TRK gear, and yet if it falls into a biffy at a beer stop in the middle of some Iowa town you won't feel compelled to reach in there and get it. 

These caps are locally made in Minneapolis by Hammerbone - see to see their other work.

Our plan is to have the caps available for delivery by mid-June - just in time for you to wear it a few times, then lose it, and subsequently buy another one before RAGBRAI.

TRK wristbands

Forget Lance and LIVESTRONG!  Get your engraved, silicone wristband as an accessory to your full-on TRK kit. 

These sporty bands are just $1 (or so), and it will be a reminder of your "cause" - to have a dang good time on the RAGBRAI!

Contact Alex if you're interested!

Team Road Kill Socks TRK Socks


Supplies of these break-through socks are running low - and you need to stock up!! 

Email Joe Sweetly ([email protected]) or call/text 612 584 8730.  Be sure to specify size S/M or L/XL.

TRK Earrings

Be a Roadkill fashionista with custom (homemade) TRK-logo earrings.  You can be styling for just $10/pair;  discount on multiple unit orders!  Email Joe Sweet if interested. 

TRK Coozie


Side view TRK Messenger Bag

How can you be functional and promote TRK-ness?  Easy - cruise around town with the TRK Messenger Bag by Banjo Brothers.  Email Joe Sweet to today express interest in a group order.  Cost will be around $15 per bag all-in.

Team Road Kill Water Bottle TRK Water Bottle


Only 4 left! 

Order anytime by clicking to cafepress below: 

TRK Women's Tank Top


Only 5 left:  L (2), XXL (2), XXXL (1).

If you want one, please contact Joe Sweet.

TRK/Summit Jersey Team Road Kill Jersey

No jersey orders planned at this time.   

TRK button

$1.00 each.

Get your TRK button today on the bus to RAGBRAI, or contact Joe Sweet .

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