RAGBRAI Registration

RAGBRAI Registration

For full information about RAGBRAI Registration, go to the 


Registration Process

Here's the process for getting registered via RAGBRAI.ORG:

  • Go to http://entries.ragbrai.org
  • Login, or if you are new, create a new account.  (You can also recover your password at the site)
  • Register as part of group - ROAD KILL #2202
  • Get registered for the ride, and order swag
  • Record your total RAGBRAI fees!
  • When you complete the process, you will print out your Waiver form.
  • Print and Sign the waiver form.
  • As a group, we send the REGISTER a SINGLE payment.  That means that you need to send TEAM ROAD KILL a check for your total RAGBRAI fees.
  • Send us your completed waiver and check made out to TEAM ROAD KILL.
    OPTION 1 - Give us your stuff at the Registration Party
    OPTION 2 - Send in your signed waiver and check to:

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