Cargo Bins and Packing 2009


Same as Last Year! We use 30 gallon cargo bins in the bus.  NO Suitcases - NO Backpacks - NO Wheeled Luggage - NO Grocery Bags. The Bins make loading and stacking very easy, and keeps the bus organized.  To recognize your bin, mark your bin with stickers, paint, markers, etc.  

Everyone is limited to the following items:

  • One Large Cargo Tub (this includes your sleeping bag)
  • One Tent
  • One Carry-On (and we mean the Airport Security Size!)

Each rider must provide their own cargo box for all their gear, including your sleeping bag! If youneed more room, you can bring a separate bin, but there is a $50 charge for the second bin. 

Tents are packed separate and fit under the seats.  Please be considerate and bring a reasonable size tent, or make arrangements to share large tents with someone else.  

Cartage Charge for additional Cargo Box - $50

VARIOUS LOOSE-PACKED ITEMS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. No paper bags. No plastic bags. No Colostomy bags. DO NOT bring along cases of drinks or bottled water, we will provide this along the way. There is not room for this.  Believe it or not, they sell water and pop all across Iowa at competitive prices. 

Cargo Tubs

Sterilite brand, 30 gallon, any color (sold @Target), snap top lid, inside dimensions are 28"L x 16"W x 16"H.
Target sells them for $8.99. Target is everywhere, so you Iowa and Illinois folks should have no problem finding them.

If you already have a plastic tub- which many already do- make sure it is similar size.
What should go in your tub? EVERYTHING that you are bringing to RAGBRAI(clothing, bike gear, sleeping bag or blanket, personal stuff, shoes, hair products, etc) except your bike and your tent.

  • Label your tub with first & last name. Label BOTH the lid and the tub.
  • Label your tent clearly.
  • You may bring one 'carry on' with you on the bus. This could be a back pack or carry bag, but no paper bags or plastic 'target' bags.
  • No need to bring extra water or pop... that will be provided on the bus. Beer is provided too-those who drink water-pop-beer, pay to the beverage fund. This covers ICE and the beverage - $1 per beverage.
  • Have your bike, tent/sleeping bag, and plastic tub ready to go on Friday. We want to load the bus Fri night so we can leave on time Saturday morning - 9:30 am.

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