TRK Special Meeting & RAGBRAI Registration Party

Sat, Mar 25, 7:00pm - 11:45pm

RAGBRAI XLVTRK Special Meeting

Please join us for a TRK Special Meeting so that we can complete the annual election of Team Road Kill board members.  

The TRK Special Meeting to be held on March 25th at 8pm, for the purpose of members electing the Board of Directors" namely chair, vice-chair, and treasurer/secretary. Proxy voting (and early voting) will be available to members via the web ballot." The "inspectors of election" (namely Brenda, Pat and Kyle) will verify the election and verify the election results."

To be eligible to participate, you need to be a member! Go here to fill out the membership application -  To fill out a membership application, you must have an account on the TRK website -

RAGBRAI Registration Party

Joe is hosting the RAGBRAI registration party, come on over and get registered!  Come on out and let's talk getting organized, and all the things!


4737 Ewing Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55410
United States

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