Held in the last full week in July, across Iowa!

RAGBRAI 09 - Night 4 - Indianola

Tue, Jul 21, 5:00pm - Wed, Jul 22, 8:00am

Thanks to Joe Sweet, new TRK friends Brian & Anne welcome us to their place. It is on the route about 1.5 miles before Indianola. Brian has done RAGBRAI with Joe, and might ride a day or 2 to get into the spirit of the ride. Sleep in - the next day's ride is only 44 miles, after the 73 and 77 mile days before it.

Brian & Anne Brennan 515-961-5394


Brian & Anne Brennan
9384 Hwy R63
Indianola, IA 50125

RAGBRAI 09 - Night 3 - Greenfield

Mon, Jul 20, 5:00pm - Tue, Jul 21, 8:00am
Gina Wallace - 641-745-0831


Gina Wallace
202 NW 2nd St
Greenfield, IA 50849

RAGBRAI 09 - Night 2 - Red Oak

Sun, Jul 19, 11:00pm
Roger Ehmke 712-623-2874


Roger Ehmke
1510 Eastern Avenue
Red Oak, IA 51566

RAGBRAI 09 - Night 1 - Council Bluffs

Sat, Jul 18, 5:00pm - Sun, Jul 19, 8:00am

Our hosts are providing us with dinner!  Something about setting up roaster pans of stuff...  Sounds great!  We agreed to start dinner a 6 pm.  Everyone on the team is invited. 

Don & Merilee Mescher - 712-366-5243


Don & Merilee Mescher
20464 Concord Loop
Council Bluffs, IA 51503

What About Riding RAGBRAI with Team Road Kill?!?

Right NOW is the best time to start planning to participate in RAGBRAI XXXVIII (2010)!!!  Team Road Kill is looking for Seriouosly Fun Riders to complete this year's ride.  It's 7 days of the most fun you will ever have in Iowa.

This year's route has just been announced, and it is the 5th shortest and 6th flattest RAGBRIA (out of 38 years)!  In addition, this year's route is a 'northern' route, so it offers easy access to half week riders from Minnesota.  YOU can do it!  Read more »


Sun, Jul 19, 8:00am - 5:00pm

It's the first day of RAGBRAI XXXVII! We ride from Council Bluffs to Red Oak.

  • Council Bluffs
  • Mineola
  • Henderson
  • Emerson
  • Red Oak

Mileage: 52.6 miles Climb: 3,684 feet Read more »


Don & Merilee Mescher
20464 Concord Loop
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
Roger Ehmke
1510 Eastern Avenue
Red Oak, IA 51566

Ragbrai potential

Hi all,

My go-live may be post poned and I should know in the next couple of days... if it does get postponed, I will be coming down for a few days.  If that happens, I'll check out the options that all have posted and see if I can coordinate coming down w/ someone and bringing a vehicle back or catching a ride back.  Hope the RAGBRAI gods are with me and that I can join you for some riding for a few days on the great ride!



Welcome to the Team Road Kill RAGBRAI Guide for 2008.  If you can't find an answer in the pages below, send us an email and we will add that information. 

Email List

Use this to receive email about the RAGBRAI, or to send emails to everyone who is signed up to the list.  This list is only open to members, and not available to the non-registered public.  Read more »

Cargo Bins and Packing 2009


Same as Last Year! We use 30 gallon cargo bins in the bus.  NO Suitcases - NO Backpacks - NO Wheeled Luggage - NO Grocery Bags. The Bins make loading and stacking very easy, and keeps the bus organized.  To recognize your bin, mark your bin with stickers, paint, markers, etc.  

Everyone is limited to the following items: Read more »

RAGBRAI - Road Kill Pricing and Payments


  • Round Trip Bus and Full Week Camp/Cartage - $300

A La Carte Menu Read more »

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