Held in the last full week in July, across Iowa!

RAGBRAI day 2 end town LAKE VIEW IA

Mon, Jul 23 (All day)

We are staying on the lake, just east of town.  Our host is on the Southeast corner of the lake.  

Follow the route out of Sac City.  At the last turn west toward Lake View, go straight on.  At the T in the road, take a left, and follow the lake shore drive around to our hosts!


Al Jacobsen
885 East Shore Dr
Lake View, IA 51450

RAGBRAI day 1 end town CHEROKEE IA

Sun, Jul 22 (All day)

The ride route comes in on C38, which turns into Main Street.  Follow this east to N 5th Street, and take a left.  We'll be at the dead end of the road!


Doug & Judy Smith
524 N 5th St
Cherokee, IA 51012

RAGBRAI 2011 Lost & Found

Here's the list of RAGBRAI LOST & FOUND for 2011.

If you want to claim something on the list, please contact Wilbur. Read more »

RAGBRAI 2011 - Cargo Bins and Packing


Same as Last Year! We use 30 gallon cargo bins in the bus.  NO Suitcases - NO Backpacks - NO Wheeled Luggage - NO Grocery Bags. The Bins make loading and stacking very easy, and keeps the bus organized.  To recognize your bin, mark your bin with stickers, paint, markers, etc.

RAGBRAI 2011 Registration and Wristbands

RAGBRAI 2011 Registration

For full information about RAGBRAI Registration, go to the 

http://ragbrai.com/registration/ Read more »

2011 Accommodations

Check back here for details.  We will post details about each night's accommodations here.  

Here' the link to the Host Community websites:

Here's a copy of the RAGBRAI page of hosts.

  Read more »

RAGBRAI 2011 - Road Kill Pricing and Payments

Isn't it great that Team Road Kill is able to hold prices down in these tough economic times!  Here are the fees for this year's trip, and we are happy to report that we are holding prices at the same levels as the last two years.   Read more »

2011 RAGBRAI Committees

Committees were formed to take care of the various RAGBRAI 2011 preparation. They are as follows:

Rider Committee

Small group that will contact and confirm everyone who is going on RAGBRAI 2011.  Read more »


RAGBRAI 2011Welcome to the Team Road Kill RAGBRAI Guide for 2011.  If you can't find an answer in the pages below, send us an Contact Email and we will add that information.  Read more »

RAGBRAI Return Ride

Sun, Jul 31, 8:00am - Thu, Aug 4, 8:00pm

Join Alex, Wilbur and others in a return home ride from the RAGBRAI.  We will tour the Mississippi river valley from Davenport, Iowa through LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and finish in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Maybe a stop in Manchester?

We will be bagging, so be ready to haul.  

Exact route to be determined.  

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