Held in the last full week in July, across Iowa!

Ragbrai Tuesday Night

Tue, Jul 23 (All day)

Evelyn (Weeb) Hibbeler  2603 53rd St, DSM, IA     (DAWN'S MOM!)


Evelyn (Weeb) Hibbeler ,
2603 53rd St
des moines, IA

Ragbrai Monday Night Host

Mon, Jul 22 (All day)

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, 10th & Iowa STs, Perry IA  (John Powell 515-480-4304)


St. Martin’s Episcopal,
10th & Iowa STs
Perry, IA

RAGBRAI Sunday Night July 21

Sun, Jul 21 (All day)

Sherry Krantz, 1712 Cyclone Ave, Harlan IA h.712-755-5541, c.712-579-4534


Sherry Krantz,
1712 Cyclone Ave,
Harlan, IA


Sat, Jul 20 (All day)

Broadway United Methodist  Church, 11 S First Street, Council Bluffs, IA 51503


Broadway United Meth Church
11 S First Street
Council Bluffs, , IA 51503

RAGBRAI Registration

RAGBRAI Registration

For full information about RAGBRAI Registration, go to the 


Registration Process

Here's the process for getting registered via RAGBRAI.ORG: Read more »

RAGBRAI 2013 - Road Kill Pricing and Payments (FINAL)

For the first time in years, we are adjusting pricingand it's just slight tweaks this year.  We sustained a LOT of expenses this year, but we had reserves to cover that.  We will continue to maintain a reserve, and cover our expenses.  

2013 Pricing  Read more »

RAGBRAI Maps and Such

This is where you will find route maps, bar guides and host accommodation maps in pocket form.  

RAGBRAI Official Route Maps

The Register does a great job of creating pocket route maps.  Download and print them: Read more »


RAGBRAI 2013Welcome to the Team Road Kill RAGBRAI Guide for 2013.  If you can't find an answer in the pages below, send us an Contact Email and we will a

RAGBRAI day 0 Overnight town Sioux Center IA

Sat, Jul 21 (All day)

Our host was found by TRK newby Dr Diana Wright. We'll be in the heart of town.

Matt says he is across the street from a bike shop and very near "The Fruited Plain Cafe" with food (local grown vegetarian stuff) and from their facebook site: "300 cases of beer and 300 lbs of coffee" 

It appears my RAGBRAI training regimen will pay dividends early!


Matt & Becky Drissell
441 E 1st Street
Sioux Center, IA

Ragbrai last day option MANCHESTER

Sat, Jul 28 (All day)

This year the bus and truck will overnight in Manchester Iowa on Saturday night.  This means that you can ride the official RAGBRAI route to Clinton, or take an 35 mile alternate direct route to Manchester!  

Chris will provide us with a route to his place.  He's just off Main Street a few blocks.   Read more »


Chris Kane
510 E Howard Street
Manchester, IA 52057

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