How to post a Successful Training Ride

No that #30daysofbiking are upon us, it's time to AMP UP you training.  Here's some tips on how to post a successful group training ride!

  1. Just do it!
    Disregard all the following rules at anytime!  The most important thing is to POST THAT RIDE. Good ideas that never get posted are nothing.  Do it.
  2. 2 weeks Notice
    We are all busy, so if you want to get on our schedules, you need to give us a little advanced warning.  The dirty secret is that everyone WANTS to do training rides.  With something on the schedule, people will make a point of getting there and riding.  Everyone wins!
  3. Set a Rider Level
    Nobody wants to make the effort to get to a ride just to find out it's going to be a ride they hate.  Some folks like intense pubishment, but others just need to get those first miles of the year in.  Let folks now what it will be. 
  4. Set a Mileage
    Like Ride Level, this gives riders the ease of knowing they can do the training.  You can cheat and set two distances and split the crowd.  Most of the time TRK'ers are just about the beer at the end anyway. 
  5. Set the Support Expectation
    DROP rides means you can get DROPPED during the ride.  If you get a flat, or just can't keep up, the rest of the pack may leave you for dead.  For some this is extra motivation, for others, this is a big bummer.  Just let them know either way!
    NO-DROP Rides mean we make sure everyone stays in the group.  We stop for flat tires and heart attacks.  Beer stops optional.
    SAG means we will come get you if you break down.  Also a good idea if possible. 
  6. BE Consistent
    Freeing up time on anyone's schedule can be tough.  We are all creatures of habit and have other regular committments.  By planning a weekly ride on the same day, folks make long term plans to attend a weekly ride.  What day works best for YOU?
  7. To BAR or NOT?  Where to start?
    Beer is the grease in the TRK Hub.  But you don't just need to go to a bar to drink, it's always free beer at my house!  Pick a starting point that works for you and your fellow riders.  
    If somebody is going to organize a ride, at least tip them off that you MIGHT be riding.  RIDE LEADERS are not MIND READERS.
  9. Leader Contact INFO
    Be sure to provide your cell phone number so folks can contact you if they are running late or will not make your ride. 
  10. Doggoneit, Have Some FUN!
    Be bold and take somewhere we have never been before.  We all need a change of pace. 

Now get out there and POST THAT RIDE. Great rides happen here.

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