Another Season of Road Kill starts

Happy new Year 2015Last night I updated the website, specifically the Kill-o-pedia - our online resource of TRK information.  The 2014 RAGBRAI guide has been archived, and new 2015 planning documents are in place now.  It feels great to get a big jump on this, and I hope it gets everyone thinkin ahead and onboard for another great year.  

As I look at the year ahead, I anticipate a new year with some twists.  

  • Discussion has already started about a ride to the ride - the ORKRAR (Occasional Road Kill RAGBRAI Addendum Ride).  We've ridden home from RAGBRAI, but this will be my first trip to the start.  It's been a glimmer in my eye for many years, but this feels like the one!  Thanks to Alex and Aaron for making that more real!
  • More rides and a little more forward planning.  I'm going to work to get my favorite rides on the calendar long before they happen.  Folks are busy, and the only way to get them attending is to get stuff published months in advance.  We can do it!
  • More social events.  Not everyone rides, so the only way I can see a lot of these people is if we schedule fun events in the off-season.  We are having a game night in February, hopefully folks can attend. 

As you think about your year ahead, what would make it a GREAT one?  Is there something YOU can do to make it so?  I encourage everyone to get involved in a small way and make something happen with TRK in 2015.  Everyone will thank you!


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