Getting Ready for RAGBRAI 2014 - Accomodations

With the turn of the year and blistering cold of January, hope springs eternal, with the announcement of the 2014 RAGBRAI route.  And with this news, killers are already busy with preparations for this year's ride.  

The biggest push has been for accomodations along the route.  Kyle Torfin and Joe Sweet have been busy on local Iowa Craigslist sites, looking for hosts.  Through the vast TRK network, we have heard from lots of folks, and are following up on all the leads.  

A lot goes into the perfect accomodations for you and 50 of your closest riding friends.  As in the restaurant business, the mantra is location - location - location.  Our needs are pretty basic, but equally important.  We need water for the showers, some electric for all things electric, space for many tents, safe bike storage,

It's a big job that is made easier by many hands.  Hats off to:

  • Chris Kane
  • Joe Sweet
  • Kyle Torfin
  • Becky Meierhofer
  • Bil Middlecamp

If you have hosting connections, get in touch with these folks, it is not too late! 

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