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Smart design puts a premium on the safety of cyclists
Life / 15 May 2013
As communities embrace bike-friendly streets, a rise in motor vehicle and bicycle collisions has become an unintended consequence of eco-friendly commuting. Specialized protective gear for cyclists tackles one aspect of the problem, but a new approach takes aim at safety improvements on bikes and vehicles rather than on those doing the pedaling.
SaveCAP: Airbags are no longer just for car passengers. In fact, they're now used to protect houses from earthquakes, hikers from avalanches and, thanks to Dutch car company TNO, cyclists from cars. Research has found that when a car hits a bicycle, the rider typically lands on the windshield with their head and shoulders leading. TNO developed an airbag system, called SaveCAP, which inflates on a car’s exterior between the bottom edge of the front windshield and the hood. A forward-facing camera under the rearview mirror connects with software that identifies oncoming pedestrians or cyclists, and activates its “alert” mode to deploy the windshield airbags.
The Safest Bike on the Road: Lawyer and bicycle safety advocate Josh Zisson built what he describes as “the safest bike on the road.” His custom concept bike features an internal rear gear hub that allows cyclists to switch gears at a dead stop, enclosed drum brakes capable of handling all weather conditions and, most significantly, a comprehensive focus on visibility. Indeed, LED headlights, daytime running lights, brake lights, and a complete coating of reflective sealant make the bicycle nearly impossible to miss. Several cycling veterans contributed to the project, including a handmade frame by Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles, handlebar grips from Portland Design Works, and assembly through Hub Bicycle.
Safer Urban Lorry: Some cities are focusing on bike lanes, but the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) has developed a vehicle design that eliminates trucks’ blind spots thereby reducing the danger they pose to cyclists. The concept, called the Safer Urban Lorry, takes inspiration from the open cab design of modern garbage trucks, touting a 360-degree early warning camera system, lower seating position, and large bus-like windows to improve visibility. The project follows an initiative that the organization launched last year, Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling, which called upon council members to take a pledge insisting on cyclist awareness training for drivers and use of the latest safety technology.


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