Lupine Lighting Systems Rotlicht Rear Light

I receive this newsletter once or twice a month from Have Fun Biking. A Minnesota group. There is a review they did on this little rear light. It sounds very promising. If you are a bike rider or knows one that rides at night even a little you should check this light out. I currently have a very good rear light that I like a lot but if I was in the market I would defiantly take a good look at this one. I especially like the fact the back is made out of metal, not plastic. Plus it has a rechargeable USB port that is protected.  Very nice.

Check them out. Plus you might read the other articles from Have Fun Biking. Most of their articles are written about biking/waling in Minnesota but there are a few out of our neighboring states.

Please forward this on to anyone who you might think could use a good rear bike light.

Have Fun Biking review link

Lupine Lighting Systems Rotlicht Rear Light – Website.


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