Twin Cities Regional Bicycle Barriers Study

I received this from a fellow biker. The study will be completed in summer 2017

I got this from the City Engineer at Shoreview as part of me being on the Bikes & Trails committee. He said to share it with others, so I thought of you and other AmecFW bikers.  It’s a pretty good website/survey.  Please share!

Engineers within the metro area (the scope of this study centers around the Twin Cities), the Metropolitan Council is looking at regional bicycle barriers and they need our help.  The barriers defined in this study are railways, expressways/freeways and streams.  Most of you, like me, have a list of areas that could use improvement.  Please take the time to complete the map survey of barriers with your known “problem crossings” and preferences for “new crossing” locations along the regional barriers as mapped for this study.  If you can, please forward these links to any contacts you know who would be interested in this effort and/or have the links posted via your agency’s communication outlets. /MetBarriersStudy.html Events/Transportation/Newslett ers/Regional-Bicycle-Barriers- Study-needs-your-help.aspx

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