2011 RAGBRAI Committees

Committees were formed to take care of the various RAGBRAI 2011 preparation. They are as follows:

Rider Committee

Small group that will contact and confirm everyone who is going on RAGBRAI 2011. 

They will tell about the pricing for transportation and cartage. They will use the RAGBRAI tool on the Team Road Kill web site to keep track of all the important information.

Equipment Truck rental

Mike will find arrange the correct size of truck needed. He'll also take care of researching the rental prices and work to get a driver for the truck. Since there will be more people on the bus this year, we'll need the truck for hauling all the tubs, tents, and possibly some bikes.

Housing Committee

Chris has arranged tent accommodations for each nite in the host towns. Town information will be posted on the web site.

Maps & Directions

They will map each overnight location that Team Road Kill is staying. Individual day maps of the route may also be provided. These will be distributed right before we leave.

Summit Brew Crew

A meet & greet will be organized, with Summit beer, before we leave for RAGBRAI. This will be to thank Summit for sponsoring Team Road Kill with beer and meet the team. We will make a picture collage or video for Summit.
A date will be planned to pick up the beer for the bus- right before we leave.

Clothing and Accessories

Team Road Kill is 25 years strong!! Kenton updated our fabulous TRK logo with the 25th anniversary graphics. It will be posted on the web site soon for all to view.
Some offerings will be T-shirts, socks, Can Koozies, Pins, tattoos, hats, and more...

Cargo Tubs

Information was already posted on the TRK site, but Carol will be the point person for questions about the tubs, where to purchase, size, how many can you bring, what goes in it, and anything else. You may also visit the TRK web site for more info.

Food/Snacks for the bus ride to Iow

Costco will be the source of our munchies for the trip as well as Bloody Mary provisions.

Bus Nazi

  • open position!

This person reminds the team that we are all on this week long vacation together. Everyone is accountable for their own stuff and cleaning up after themselves.

Thank you cards and gifts

Kenton will print out TRK logo cards that we can all sign. There will be a gift basket of some sort with TRK paraphernalia and probably beer for our hosts. We want them to remember us for future years when RAGBRAI goes thru their town again.


This list will include rider expectations, bus rules and bus driver expectations

Bus Maintenance

Wee need some help too!  Please come and join us.

Bus Drivers for RAGBRAI

  • June Lezon-primary
  • Wilbur Ince-alternate
  • Rick Kane-alternate
  • Gary Schmaltz-alternate 
  • Mike Veehoff- getting license, alternate

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